Hiking Shuttle Services in Australia & New Zealand

There’s a lot of reasons to use a shuttle service to get you to or from the hiking track. Maybe you have gotten to the area by public transport and it doesn’t get you to the trail head. Perhaps you don’t want to leave your car at some secluded car park in the middle of the bush. Or perhaps you’re not doing a loop or an up-and-back so you can get to the trail head ok but need a pick up at the other end to then go back to the start to pick up your car.

Many of the most popular tracks in Australia and New Zealand have shuttle services available. Here’s a list of hiking shuttle services in Australia and New Zealand that we’ve put together through crowdsourcing the information, and through scouring the internet. Hopefully it makes planning that next hike or tramp a little bit easy.

Hiking Shuttle Services in Australia

Whether you’re hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania or the remote Larapinta in the Northern Territory, here’s a list of shuttle services in each Australian state.

Shuttle Services in Victoria

Grampians National Park/Grampians Peaks Trail

The Grampians Peaks Trail has fast become one of Victoria’s great long hiking tracks. At 160km it’ll take you 13 odd days to complete, if you do it in one go. That’s a long way from your car if you left it at the trail head, or if you’re wanting to set off from your accomodation in Halls Gap.

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Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk, or GOW as the cool kids call it, is as the name suggests near the Great Ocean Road on Victoria’s South West Coast. A stunning coastal walk that starts in Apollo Bay, there are various transport options on this track. Many opt to drive their car to the end and get public transport or a shuttle back to the start so their own vehicle is waiting for them when they reach the finish line in a haze of exhaustion. The last thing you’d want to be doing is waiting for the infrequent bus when all you want is to get back home or to your accomodation in Apollo Bay.

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