How To Be A Good Group Member

Hiking in Australia and New Zealand is a group for keen Aussie and New Zealander hikers and bushwalkers (and trampers) to gather, talk trips, talk tips, techniques, and gear, share photos and yarns, and to learn from each other.

The group hasn’t come to be Australia and New Zealand’s largest (over 30,000 members and counting!) and most active online hiking community by surprise. It’s come about through the participation of you, the members, and through the civil exchange of ideas.

To keep it civil, please abide by these rules: 

  • The official position of the Hiking in Australia & New Zealand group is for members to stay home and not go hiking during these times of social distancing and ‘lockdown’.

    COVID-19 related posts—
    This is at the top of everyone’s mind at the moment. Thus, it’s tempting to want to share all manners of information in the group to help others understand the virus and our responsibilities as individuals and members of society. This group is not a news source for COVID-19. It would be reckless to position the group this way. And it’s beyond the capacity of the moderators who, at the end of the day, are people that like hiking who moderate the group in their spare time.


    Everyone’s social media feed is chock-a-block with this topic already. Just like out in nature, this group is meant to be a bit of a break from the madness of everyday life. Absolutely this has changed our lives and it’s important to discuss and understand how to live with it. However, this group isn’t the place to have this discussion. We have created a sub-group called Let’s Talk Hiking where this kind of discussion, provided it is relevant to hiking, may take place, but not in the main group.

    Want to boast about how you don’t care about the non-essential travel advice and you’re going to go up to the Dandenongs anyway? Please do it elsewhere. Or not at all. This goes against the rule below of being careful with controversial topicsflouting government advice that aims to slow the affects of a pandemic is likely to result in some heavy debate and slagging. We’re a community after all and this isn’t responsible.  

    If you stumble upon a piece of information you feel is so important to share with the group please DM me (Paul Gee) and ask me about it. This might include primary source information from organisations like Parks Victoria or DoC as to the accessibility of their parks and so on. But, this information MUST be approved by me first or it WILL be deleted. If you’re a serial offender for posting stuff that’s against the rules you WILL be removed from the group—it’s really simple.

    That all said, if you want to post things like what hike you most want to do when things settle down or how to keep up your fitness at home, etc, then feel free.

  • No advertising or spam—If someone asks about an ultralight backpack and you happen to make one—sure, drop a mention. But, don’t spam the place with a link to your sales page. Members (and admins) hate it and it’s probably going to leave a bad taste in their mouth. If you would like to discuss advertising in the group, I am open for discussion—drop me an email at admin@hikeausnz.com.
  • No name calling or being mean—99.9% of members are over 18, therefore are adults. Please act your age and talk to people as you would on the track.
  • Careful with ‘controversial’ topics—If it’s likely to set people off, probably avoid posting it.
  • Nothing illegal—Cool drone footage. Oh, it was shot in a national park where operating a drone without a permit is illegal? Not cool. Please delete your post or it will be deleted for you and you will be removed from the group. 
  • Be careful about sending unsolicited private messages—If you want to take something ‘offline’ ask the person publicly first, e.g. “can we continue this discussion via DM?” Anybody who is found to be DM’ing others and making them feel uncomfortable will be deleted and blocked without question. 
  • Mods/admins word is final—Occasionally we have to turn off comments on or delete a post due to things getting … off topic. Don’t create another post to question or argue this. If we have made a mistake, understand that wouldn’t have been our intention—we try and be fair in all our decisions but sometimes things slip through the cracks. Move on and talk hiking.
  • Behave as you would on the track—be friendly, courteous, and have a good time.

Now, go back to the group and talk some hiking. 🙂 

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