Steub Trail, Cleland Conservation Park

The Steub Trail is South Australia’s newest hiking track and one of the most accessible walking tracks near Adelaide. Launched in October 2020 and built from the bequest of a gentleman by the name of Ludwig Steub (who I cannot find anything about) the track aims to offer an alternative to the popular Waterfall Gully – Mt Lofty Summit Track (the ‘Rundle Mall’ or ‘Pitt Street/Bourke Street Mall Track’, you could call it) and a track that’s suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. 

The track itself is accessible—in that there aren’t too many ups and downs and it is relatively shortbut it’s also very easy to get to from Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills, even with public transport. The park has all the amenities you could need for a nice Sunday out with the family. 

What can you expect?

The trail straddles the ridge between Mount Lofty Summit and the Visitor Centre meaning it maintains a relatively gentle gradient through stringybark woodlands from start to finish. Expect to see the odd echidna or kangaroo along the way, and maybe even a koala as high as a kite up in a tree. 

The track descends around 200 vertical metres over its 3.5km, and ascends the same in the opposite direction. This compares to around a 500 metre gain on the Waterfall Gully Track.


This is a short hike at only 3.5km one way or 7km return. It will take around 1-1.5 hours one way or 3 hours return to complete. 

If you’re after something a bit more adventurous why not add the Steub Trail to another hike in the park? More on that below. 

Koala on the Steub Trail near Adelaide

 Image Credit: Big Heart Adventures

How to get there?

The Steub Trail is conveniently located in the Cleland Conservation Park and starts at Mount Lofty Summit and terminates in the heart of the national park at the Cleland Wildlife Park and Visitor Centre.

There are car parks at both ends of the track. And regular bus services to both ends of the track. So, you have the option of driving, parking, walking the track and back again, or walking to the end and catching a bus back to the car, or even getting the bus all the way from Adelaide, end to end. 

Who is it suitable for?

Designed with accessibility in mind, the Streub Trail is suited to people of varying fitness levels. The track is suitable for prams and mountain bikes, according to Walking SA. 

 Image Credit: Big Heart Adventures

What gear do you need?

You should never go into the bush unprepared so it’s a good idea to carry a small day pack with adequate water, a few snacks, a raincoat, and any other supplies you might need. 

Conveniently, the Steub Track starts at a cafe and ends at a cafe. So, why not start with a coffee at Mount Lofty Summit and end with lunch at the Cleland Visitor Centre? How civilised. 

Trail map

The best place to find a map of the Steub Track is Walking SA. When we find a GPX of the track we’ll add it here.

Map and elevation of the Steub Trail in South Australia. Credit to Walking SA

Image Credit: Walking SA

Other tracks nearby

You’re in the heart of the Cleland Conservation Park so there are many tracks nearby that can be tacked on to the Steub. The most popular being the Waterfall Gully – Mount Lofty Summit Track but you also have the Wine Shanty, Chambers Gully Tracks nearby, and the Heysen Trail and Yurrebilla Trail both pass through the park. 

Cleland Conservation Park is one of South Australia’s and Adelaide’s best hiking and bushwalking destinations. It’s close to the city, easy to access by car or public transport, it offers something for everyone, you can have a bite to eat or a drink after your hike, and those views throughout the park across Adelaide and the metropolitical area are phenomenal. 


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