Can I Hike or Bushwalk During the COVID-19 Lockdowns in Australia?

This resource was last updated on 12 May 2020. Today, the Federal Government announced their plan for relaxing restrictions. Some states were quick to respond and update their restrictions. Others, such as NSW and VIC, have yet to update their restrictions.

Here are the current updates from each state government on whether you can hike or bushwalk during the COVID-19 lockdowns:

NSW – Non-essential travel prohibited, exercise allowed in local area, some parks remain open and can be used by people who live locally. See here.

VIC – Recreational activity such as hiking will be permitted from 13 May. However, no camping or overnight stays away from home is permitted. Some national parks will reopen. (Parks Victoria still haven’t updated their site as I type this.)

QLD – “Some national parks and State forest sites reopened 1 May, allowing Queenslanders whose homes are within 50km to have a picnic with their household, or for single households to have a picnic with one other person, or go for a walk” (source).

ACT – Restrictions are being relaxed. Unclear what that means exactly. See here

SA – “Most South Australian parks remain open to local park visitors. Our parks and open spaces provide opportunities to stay active and healthy, while social distancing. […] Stick to parks near you, stay up to date with government guidelines about social distancing and movement restrictions and use common sense about who you visit with” (source).

TAS – “From Monday 11 May, Tasmanian residents will be able to undertake exercise at national parks and reserves, including beaches in their local area. Residents should only use parks and reserves that they can walk, run or cycle to, or if this is not possible, can drive to within 30 kilometres of their place of residence” (source).

WA – “From midday Friday, 1 May 2020 campgrounds within national parks, reserves and State forest will be open for camping. This includes camping in huts along the Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail. As the intrastate travel restrictions remain in place, visitors will only be able to visit and camp within their regional boundaries. Visitors will not be able to cross regional boundaries to go camping” (source).

NT – “From midday on Friday 1 May restrictions will ease and Territorians can enjoy our outdoor lifestyle in Parks and Reserves” (source). “[You] are strongly urged to restrict all travel and cancel any non-essential travel” (source).

As news comes in, this resource will be updated.

Note: the information contained in this article has been sourced from a variety of sources, official government websites in the first instance. There is no guarantee of accuracy of the information contained hereabouts and you should visit the appropriate government website yourself for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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