Australian Made Hiking Gear: 30+ Local Hiking Brands That Still Manufacture in Australia

Do you buy Australian made hiking gear? According to Roy Morgan “[a] huge majority of 90% of Australians aged 14+ say they are more likely to buy products made in Australia”. Are you part of that 90%?

Even if you wanted to buy Australian made hiking gear the industry, for the most part, has other plans. Walk into your favourite outdoor gear store on Little Bourke Street or Kent Street or Rundle Street and 99.9% of products are made elsewhere, mostly China.

You can buy Australian made if you do your research. There are few bigger players in the space but most brands that manufacture in Australian occupying the ‘cottage industry’ as it’s called. Which is nice, as not only are you supporting local, but small business too.

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So, here’s a list of brands that make hiking gear in Australia. Couple of hunting/tactical gear brands, and a bit of food and canvas on here too.


An Australian brand since its beginnings in 1979, ONE PLANET has always focussed on designing outdoor equipment for the unique conditions of Australia and New Zealand. The brand is best known for its rucksacks – from the ultra-durable range made from Waterloc canvas to lightweight Diamondloc models – as well as its innovative bushwalking tents and extensive range of sleeping bags. All gear is designed in the ONE PLANET factory in Melbourne, where the rucksacks, rainwear and gaiters are also made, and down sleeping bags are filled and finished to order.

There’s a lot more to read about ONE PLANET’s Melbourne factory, 40-year history, and social and environmental responsibilities, and it’s all here: www.oneplanet.com.au/aboutONE PLANET products made in Melbourne

One of a few Australian backpack brands.

Ottie Merino

Ottie Merino is an Australian owned merino hiking clothing brand that is based in and manufacturers in Melbourne, Australia. They use 100% merino wool from Australian sheep that’s 100% mulesing-free.

Ottie’s first short sleeve merino wool t-shirt was designed with feedback from members of the Hiking in Australia & New Zealand group, making it genuinely a products that’s designed by hikers, for hikers. Ottie is one of the newest Australian outdoor clothing brands.

Full disclosure: this brand is owned by the owner of this site and the Hiking in Australia & New Zealand group. 

Wilderness Threadworks

Established in 2012 by Dan Pitt, Wilderness Threadworks specialise in backpacks and backpack accessories such as pouches and hip belts.

“All designs go through a rigorous development period to ensure these products perform to their maximum potential. Products are built here in Australia, from start to finish. I take your order, build your gear and ship it to your door.”

Tier Gear

Based in Deloraine, Tasmania, Tier Gear locally manufacture a wide range of hiking and camping gear from down quilts to hammocks to tarps. They make some of the best hiking quilts in Australia.

Tier Gear Hammock - Tasmania

Tier Gear Mala Hammock Under Quilt. Image Credit: Tier Gear

“We constantly strive to manufacture and offer lightweight products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but highly functional and durable.”

Terra Rosa

Everything Terra Rosa makes is handmade by owner and sole employee Evan Howard. That includes tarps, bags and pouches, quilts, and a range of bikepacking accessories.

“[In] 2010 Evan took the leap to officially launch Terra Rosa, with the mission to get more quality product out to the Australian hiker. He upgraded from a little Singer to an industrial sewing machine, and moved out to the rural Melbourne based workshop where he now manufactures all of the gear himself.”

Rossi Boots

Their wonderful, classic Mulga bushwalking boot is made in Australia. Great boot.

Summit Gear

For over 30 years Summit Gear have been making rugged backpacks and daypacks out of their space in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. They also retail a range of quality brands.

Summit Gear Blue Gum Canvas Pack. Image Credit: Summit Gear

“Our design philosophy dictates that we seek to remove redundancies from every product that we build. We emphasise that whilst gear will not last forever, the product should exhibit equal wear characteristics across the entire item. We are confident that our designs, material choices, and quality construction will result in products that exceed your expectations.”

Wilderness Wear

One of the biggest manufacturers of Australian made hiking gear, they specialise in merino wool and merino wool blends with a large range of clothing and socks made in their own factory in Preston, Melbourne.

“Technical socks, activewear & outdoor clothing created from passion, conscience and insight for those special people among us who search for quality, purpose and inspiration. (And yes, it’s all-Australian … 200%.)”


Not a gear business but a food business. Lauded as one of the tastiest dehydrated hiking food brands on the market, Strive makes all of their meals in Hobart, Tasmania.


Strive’s Vegetable Laksa. Image Credit: Strive Foods

Camper’s Pantry

Another Tasmania-based hiking food business, Camper’s Pantry was founded by Andrew ‘AJ’ Jenour in 2016 who set out to make “lightweight, nutritious and tasty” meals with premium and local ingredients.

Here’s a Google Review their received: “I’ve tried all the others and the Campers Pantry menu is by far the best and the tastiest! I actually looks, feels and tastes like homemade meals”. Go team! 🙂

Buy Campers Pantry Freeze Dry Meals

Schusser Threads

Lots of really interesting technical apparel – lots of merino tops but pants and outerwear too – including their really rad Snowgum Shell. Handmade in Melbourne.

On Track Meals

Some hikers might dismiss a 250g meal as too heavy. But, if you’re having to carry the water you need to prepare that dehydrated or freeze dry meal, what’s the difference? What’s more, the non-freeze dry tend to taste a bit more ‘real’.

On Track Meals are made in Brisbane by a bunch of outdoors enthusiasts.


Nothing takes the wind out of your hiking sail more than getting blisters. ArmaSkin liner socks set out to prevent blisters.

They’re manufactured in Melbourne.


We learnt recently that Kinetic Technology International (KTI) are no longer and have sold the design/rights for the Safety Alert to Jotron, a European company, that was responsible for making the first EPIRB back in the day. That means the GME MT410G PLB is the only Australian made option for people looking for a lightweight PLB

Ask the group what their favourite PLB is and most will tell you the KTI Safety Alert. Even better, it’s made in Australian–in Melbourne, in fact.

Image Credit: KTI

“Kinetic Technology (KTI) has been designing and manufacturing EPIRBs for over 20 years in Melbourne Australia. KTI specialises in designing and developing beacons for commercial and military use.”

Aussie Ultralight

Based in Sydney, Aussie Ultralight make a range of ultralight (as the name suggests) dry bags, pouches, stuff sacks, and wallets from this transparent, crinkly looking material called Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF).

Ultralight Hiker

They make ultralight dry bags, pouches, and wallets in Melbourne, Australia, and retail a range of Australian made hiking products.

Mongrel Boots

Not your traditional hiking boots, but Mongrel Boots are made in Australia and will suit some hikers.

Redback Boots

Another business that makes an Australian made hiking boot. Their Everest hiking boots (great name) are made at their factory in Alexandria, Sydney.

The Redback Everest hiking boot is one of the few remaining Australian made hiking boots.

Redback Hiking Boot Everest made in Australia side shot

Bluey Merino

Merino clothing brand based in Bowral, New South Wales.

Smitten Merino

Merino clothing brand based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Lindner Socks

Wool socks brand based in Crookwell, New South Wales.

Orange Brown

Ultralight backpacks and accessories. They even do an Australian made packing cube – the first Aussie made packing cube we have managed to find.

Alps & Amici

“Aren’t they a speciality food store and cafe in Launceston” you say. Well, did you know, they actually make a range of freeze-dried meals? Well they do.

Forager Food Co

Healthy freeze-dried hiking fruit and snacks. Based in Red Hills, Tasmania.

Undercling Mike

You won’t find this guy via a shop front or factory or even a website. Undercling deals through the Bushwalk.com forum and makes his in-demand hiking quilts at home. True cottage industry stuff. Love it.

Feed The Hike

A new lightweight food brand. Check out their lightweight meals.

The Trekkers Friend

Innovative hiking trailer, made in Canberra.

Ah Chair

A cleverly designed, lightweight hiking chair of sorts that’ll save your back. Made on the South Coast of New South Wales. Tim wrote a great review over at Australian Hiker.

Trekkers Wool

Be gone those blisters. What is Trekkers Wool? Straight from the sheep’s mouth: “Prevent blisters, hot spots, black toes and relieve painful pressure points with 100% pure, natural, lanolin rich Australian Merino lambs’ wool”. Ah, Australian ingenuity.

Outback Packs & Gear

If you’re into tactical looking stuff, then these guys have you covered with Australian made backpacks, bags, and pouches.

Yowie Snowshoes

Snowshoeing is a form of hiking, right? Made down Geelong way in Victoria. Used across the globe.


Canvas gaiters. Made in Tasmania for Tasmanian (and Australian) conditions.

Moroka 30

More of a hunting gear brand, but what that generally means is hard-wearing clothing that’s made for the outdoors. They retail all sorts of stuff, but a large range of what they sell they make themselves in Melbourne.


A popular brand with boaties and 4WDers, GME’s PLBs, EPIRBS, and radios are all made in Australia. They even carry the Australian Made mark.

Orb Ultralight

Lightweight pouches and dry bags and sacks.

To be clear, this list is for brands that make products in Australian, not just Australian owned. Mont has featured in a few of these lists on the net but their mass produced products are now made offshore, but they do some custom manufacturing in Australia and some of the components (e.g. canvas for their packs) are made here.

To be sure, the quality of much of the hiking gear that is made overseas and retailed by good hiking gear stores is very high. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with products being made overseas. However, if you’d prefer to support Australian industry or reduce the distance between yourself and the products you consume then try and seek out a locally made option if you can.

What’s Our Criteria For Australian Made?

For us to include a brand on this list they must make at least one product in Australia. And by ‘made’ we mean a substantial portion of that product’s manufacture or assembly takes place in Australia. Sure, some of the ingredients or materials may have come from overseas, but they were substantially bought together and turned into the finished product here in Australia.

If I have missed any brands let me know in the comments below.


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58 thoughts on “Australian Made Hiking Gear: 30+ Local Hiking Brands That Still Manufacture in Australia”

    1. You’ve spelled Lindner socks wrong 😉 I’ve been to their workShop in Crookwell to see them at work and can attest that their socks are top quality.

  1. You forgot about us – Ultralight hiker. Established March 2019 catering to the ultralight enthusiast. We have a range of gear from Dyneema food bags, stuff sacks and wallets all made here in Melbourne to accessories, cookware and Aussie manufactured foods.

  2. Stumbled across a backpack site with gear made in Aus – Orange Brown. Seems pretty brand new. Never heard/seen the brand before but looks decent.

    1. Cheers for the heaps up, Pete. I’ve added their name. I’ll do a bit more research into them and will add it to the list soon.

      1. I have Orange Brown day pack and 45 litre pack place sternum strap bag and hip belt pouches these products are made in Melbourne and are of extremely high quality and I highly recommend them.

  3. Hi,
    Lindner Socks in Crookwell NSW. We don’t make high-tech socks, but our thick boot socks are great for hiking, and made here in Crookwell on old-fashioned machines from locally grown merino wool. They last well and are comfortable, we still make them like they used to. If you think that sounds like it fits your list, we’d love to be included. Thanks so much for compiling it (I actually came here looking for boots….cheers!)

  4. Just wondering if anyone knows of an Aussie supplier for Caps and lightweight hats for hiking?


    1. That’s a really good question, Di. I don’t know of any Australian made caps or hats other than the mighty Akubra. I believe Wilderness Wear do a few beanies.

  5. Scott Timlock

    Hi Paul thanks great idea putting this together,one perhaps for consideration is a Tas based freeze dried hiking food company that make delicious and reasonably priced meals that taste like real food! Alps & Amici are a restaurant with their freeze dried range as a side business,but they taste very VERY good, so so different to other popular brands which can be functional but far from exciting .Shout out for Alps & Amici in Launceston, http://www.alpsandamici.com.au

      1. Apparently their Prion 85 litre pack is made in Sydney.
        According to their advertising?
        Thank You for compiling this list.
        I will be using it for ALL future purchases, hiking and general clothing,
        Cycling “socks and thermals here in Canberra”

        1. I have flicked Wilderness Equipment an email to see if they do make anything in Australia. Will let you know how I go. 🙂

          Cheers, Paul

  6. Great list mate – Love the effort you have gone to. Another name that is missing from the list is Moroka 30. Although they are predominately a “hunting” brand they pride themselves on being Aussie made and most are locally produce in Melbourne (Carrum Downs to be exact). BTW, the New Zealand list you just put together is fantastic as well.

  7. Newcastle hats make a good range of hats and caps. Includes some work wear designs. You can get them made to fit, and many have a choice of brim sizes. I use them at work and they’re great.
    Thumbs up to Wilderness Wear socks too – wear them everyday and love ’em!

    1. Hey Cherry – I believe Aarn were born in Australia but the owners moved to NZ. That said, they’re made in Vietnam. I confirmed this with them by Facebook Message in February 2020. Cheers, Paul

  8. Great idea to list Australian made products. In future can you include the companies website addresses so we can look for more information about the products


  9. How about Humphrey Laws socks, I have several pairs, hiking and everyday, made in Melbourne. Red Dust active make a range of headbands (great ear warmers) and are South Australia based.
    Otto and Spike make gloves, scarves, beanies and other accessories in Brunswick. Note: I’ve not tested these on hikes, but they all stand up during frosty early morning walks in Melbourne winter (temp 1 degree or warmer)

    1. Hi Tom,

      This is a list of Australian made hiking and camping year. IOMerino is a great merino brand but they don’t manufacturer in Australia.

      Cheers, Paul

  10. I saw that you took them off this list, but I checked and Rossi Mulga boots are still made in Australia in 2022 and are great quality.

    1. Thanks for that info, Penny. Just had a look at their website myself and you’re quite right.

      I think they had temporarily dropped them from their range a while back – I forget what the trigger was to remove them from the list. But, it’s good they’re back.

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