2021 Hiker’s Christmas Gift Guide

Got a hiking-mad loved one, friend, or colleague? We’ve rounded up our picks for the best Christmas hiking and camping gifts in 2021. We’ve chosen from a number of local Australian businesses, including a few that manufacture in Australia, as well as stuff from some of the big global hiking gear brands. We’ve also tipped you in the direction of a number of great Aussie hiking gear retailer. After the couple of years we’ve just had I’m sure they’d love to see you and help you out with your gift buying needs. 

Gifts for $25 and Under

On Track Meals

Best way to the heart is through the stomach, they say? Give them a touch of home cooking outdoors with a few packs of On Track Meals ready to eat meals. If you’re able to break the $25 barrier, their Weekend Warrior Bundle would make a great gift.

Sea to Summit X-Mug (Collapsible Cup)

Gone are the days when your cups, plates, and bowls were heavy and metal. The X-Mug is a compact and durable collapsable cup, perfect for that morning cuppa or afternoon tipple. 

Available from Snowys.

Humphrey Law Merino Wool Hiking Socks

Support Aussie made this Christmas by buying a pair of Melbourne-made merino hiking socks by Humphrey Law. The author wears these almost exclusively on longer ‘boot’ hikes, or their Sports Socks when wearing trail shoes.

Gifts for $50 and Under

ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Socks

What’s Christmas without socks, right? Great for the blister-prone friend, ArmaSkin will be their best friend. Heaps of people rave about these in the group. Again, made in Australia.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

When the author use to work at Snowys many moons ago, these would walk about the door on the lead up to Christmas. Everyone needs at least one Swiss Army Knife (or Leatherman for that matter). And the diehards usually have several! 

You can’t go past the Hiker as a <$50 option, that provides a lot of features for a small price.

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow Regular

Camping in the great Australia bush shouldn’t mean not getting some good zzz’s. Some consider a pillow a ‘luxury’ but it’s firmly in necessity territory in our opinion. 

Available at Ultralight Hiker and most good hiking gear retailers.

How to Navigate (2nd Edition) by Caro Ryan

Sleeves up, compass out. This book would make the most perfect gift for those who want to know how to properly use a good ol’ map and compass again and navigate there way around the bush. Book of the year (!), in our humble. 

Available at Lotsafreshair.

Gifts for $100 and Under

Ottie Merino Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Merino, the wonder fabric. This thing will last you days without stinking, and keeps your temperature regulated no matter where you are. Great in hot and cold conditions, the Ottie Merino Short Sleeve Merino Tee is a relaxed fit ideal for on and off track wear. Available in men’s and women’s and long sleeve if you’re willing to tip over $100 just a tiny bit.

All Ottie Merino orders are being shipped Express Post on the lead up to Christmas so you get ’em nice and quick.

Black Diamond Storm 400 Lumen Headlamp

This waterproof and dustproof headlamp sports a bright 400 lumens and takes AAA batteries – who doesn’t have some spares floating around the bottom of their pack? A good headlamp is a requirement in every hikers kit.

Available at Wild Earth and most good hiking gear retailers.

Gifts for $200 and Under

JetBoil Zip Hiking Stove 

Who doesn’t love their hot coffee on a cool morning on the track? The JetBoil Zip boils water fast for those hot drinks and freeze dry meals. You can also use it to heat up your On Track Meals. 

Available at Trek and Travel and other good hiking gear retailers.

Image Credit: Snowys

La Sportiva Helios III Trail Shoes

If food is the way to a hikers heart, then surely great shoes are the way to… comfy feet?

The La Sportiva Helios Trail Shoes are a top quality hiking shoe for those that prefer to be light and nimble on their feet. 

Available at Summit Gear, Bogong, and other good hiking gear stores.

Alton Goods Ultralight Tarp

Partner or rellie on a journey to ultralightness? For shelter, a lightweight tarp is becoming the way to go instead of a tent.

Available at Alton Goods.

$300 and Under

One Planet’s Little Bourke Daypack

Minimalist in design, roll top for maximum waterproofness and accessibility. Will stand up to the tuffest treatment in the Blue Mountains or up in the Lerderderg State Park, while looking smart enough to be your go-to commuter pack. The Little Bourke is made in Australia and is built to last.


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