How To Be A Good Group Member

Hiking in Australia and New Zealand is a group for keen Aussie and Kiwi hikers and bushwalkers (or should that be trampers, for you Kiwi folk?) to gather, talk trips, talk tips, techniques, and gear, share photos and yarns, and to learn from each other.

Australia and New Zealand are superb places to explore on foot, so we hope to have stories and opinions from hikers from all over the two countries. Whether it’s a delicious recipe you’ve cooked up on your Trangia, an interesting news article, a good (or bad) review of a piece of gear, or some snaps from your latest trip; share them here.

The group hasn’t come to be Australia and New Zealand’s biggest and most active online hiking community by surprise. It’s come about through the participation of you, the members, and through the civil exchange of ideas. A bit of feedback we get all the time is how well-organised and behaved the group is. Well, we want to keep it that way, so have a few rules that we ask you follow.

Please NO:

– Inappropriate posts
– Advertising* or spam
– Name calling or being mean
– Being disrespectful to group members and moderators

Behave as you would at a Sunday barbie … or around the camp fire!

*There’s a few people in this group that run businesses or blogs, and I am sure there are a few that I don’t know about that would love to share a link to their site. I’m fine with people sharing content provided it meets the interesting/informative/stands-on-its-own-two-feet-without-it-being-over-the-top-commercial test. As many of you know, I use to work at Snowys and ran their blog. It would be a shame not to link to great content, if it’s great, just because the link is affiliated with a brand that sells things. If this isn’t to your liking, feel free to gloss over those posts.

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