3 Reasons To Always Carry A Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

The importance of carrying a PLB has become more and more evident to me over the past couple of years. Most recently, in watching Claire Nelson’s anxiety-inducing story on Channel 7’s ‘Sunday Night’. Claire embarked on a day hike in Joshua Tree National Park in California, USA, and fell down an embankment and laid there, on her certain deathbed for four days. Fortunately she was found. But, that would have been more certain if she had been carrying a PLB.ย 

I posted the video on the group. Indeed, the consensus was that if you’re going to hike solo especially, you must carry a PLB.ย 

It has me thinking back to my piece on the importance of carrying a PLBย I wrote for the Snowys Blog back in 2016.

I conclude there are three key reasons to carry a PLB:

1. For Your Own Safety

It could be the different between life and death. Put yourself in Claire Nelson’s shoes.

2. To Reassure Your Loved Ones

It gives the peace of mind that should you find yourself in trouble you have the best possible chance of being rescued.

3. To Make It Easier for Rescuers To Find You

They can can more easily pin-point you and thus aren’t putting themselves at unnecessary risk searching high and low with no idea where you are.

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